O.C. Harley Night At Speedway
Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds, May 21, 2005

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Ike's ride to speedway on Saturday afternoon had
an awesome turn out and it was a great ride up
the southern California coast through the beach
communities. (photo from Ike's cell phone)

Riders arrive in the pit area at Costa Mesa Speedway!
(Ike's cell phone photo)

The people that ride with Ike to speedway parade out onto the race
track before the National Anthem is played. Check out the deer
antlers on helmet on the dude dressed in black.  Jim Cochran Photo

Getting ready for the start of the race is two of the crowd
favorites..."The Blue Hair Dude" and the "Taxi Driver From Hell"
In turn one they crashed into each other and both went down.
Jim Cochran Photo

Special thanks to Jim Cochran for providing some of these photos.

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