Give your motor what it deserves, Chopper Blood is liquid horsepower!

"Death To Engine Knock"

Guys are spending big bucks these days to build the biggest, baddest, fastest,
motorcycles on the planet, then they turn around and fuel these bad boys
with pump gas and ruin their motors.

Your grandpa would have laughed!
12.5 to 1 compression ratio on regular pump gas equals at least one burnt piston.
Are you next?

Without blood nothing lives, and that includes the blood the runs through
the viens of your hot rod motorcycle engine. Premium pump gas is not sufficient
for some of the expensive two wheeled hot rods being built today.

If you live in southern Californa, Boothill Choppers in association with
Cosby Oil Company can solve this problem with street legal 100 octane
unleaded racing gas. Liquid Horsepower!

Street legal 100 octane unleaded
& 104 octane unleaded

Available at the pump 24 hours a day in southern California
with our Special Chopper Blood Credit Cards

Special Prices...for Chopper Blood card holders only.

For pricing info and quick and
easy sign up instructions...

Retail dealer and distributor inquiries welcomed.

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