“There’s too many damn cars and not enough asphalt these days,
everyone needs to get their ass on a motorcycle”  - Ike


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Boot Hill Choppers is the brainchild of Ike Clanton, a descendant and namesake of alleged Tombstone outlaw Ike Clanton of OK Corral Gunfight fame. Below we interrogate Ike about Boot Hill Graveyard which he claims is haunted, and his life on two wheels.

  Ike Clanton 1881    Ike Clanton 2001

You say Boot Hill Graveyard is haunted? "Yeah, if you don't believe it then you haven't visited the "Ghosts of Tombstone"" says Ike. The photo Clanton shot of his buddy in Boot Hill (below) is considered by paranormal experts as one of the greatest ghost photos ever captured on film. Read the complete story of the photos below, plus more photos and stories at: "Ghosts of Tombstone"

Ghosts of Tombstone, If you dare!

  Scary Boot Hill Photo

That's what I'm sayin'!

"When I was growing up, my dad was a classic car builder," says Clanton. "On the weekends, he would take me with him to car shows at a museum called "Cars of the Stars" in Buena Park California on Orangethorpe Ave. This is where "Rat Fink" Big Daddy Ed Roth, Von Dutch and all the classic old time builders displayed there hot rods. I can remember two of my favorites hot rods growing up, the Munster Mobile and Boothill Express."

Boothill Express

On Two Wheels?
"I dig hot rods and classic cars, but I'm all about riding motorcycles, always have been, always will be. I started riding when I was around 5 years old on a Taco 22 mini bike. I began racing motocross when I was around 11 and turn professional when I was 15.  On my 15th birthday, driving permit in hand, I also started riding on the street. Yep, my dads Honda trail 90 was cool transportation when my friends still rode the bus to high school! At this time I was racing for Whitter Honda and they built me a fast four cylinder Honda 550. I took it to Orange County Raceway one night and ran it through the 1/4 mile. Unfortunately it was crapping out and running on three cylinders because of a bad spark plug cap, but it still ran 12.90 at a 102 m.p.h., not bad for a little 550.  I rode the wheels off that thing, drag racing it on week nights in the streets of Whittier, mostly on Santa Fe Springs Road. Then on weekends if I wasn't racing motocross or speedway, I would road race on Sunday's through Turnbull Canyon."

1975 Superbowl of Motocross
L.A. Coliseum

Boot Hill Choppers?
"Boot Hill Choppers was founded in July of 2004 to exploit my life long passion for two wheeled mayhem. Over the years I've owned and ridden just about every kind of motorcycle you can think of, but I can honestly say that nothing beats riding a hot rod chopper that kicks ass" says Clanton.  Do you like old school choppers or the new bikes being built today?  "I like all the old school stuff, especially bobbers, but I must say some of the new bikes being built today are totally sick. I like Intimidating bikes that dare only experienced pilots to climb aboard and haul ass. The more challenging a bike is to ride, the more I like it".

Haunted Apparel?
"Yeah, we just launched a Boot Hill Choppers haunted apparel line that people seem to like. We're currently seeking distributors, retail outlets and online retailers to sell our new products. We're not currently set up with an online store so for now we're only selling our products wholesale".

Chopper Blood?
"Yep, we market Chopper Blood (race gas) to bikers who don't want to burn a hole in their pistons using 91 octane premium unleaded pump gas. We offer a pretty cool set-up for riders in southern California. We issue special Chopper Blood credit cards and the customers can fill-up 24 hours a day with street legal 100 octane race gas!".  How many fueling locations do currently have in so cal? "Right now we have cardlock locations in Santa Fe Springs and San Diego". What else can we look for in the future? "We're looking to design and create some unique Boot Hill Choppers parts and accessories for motorcycles".

Is movie or television work part of Boot Hill Choppers?
"If theirs a need we can put it together, sure". You recently put together a group of riders for a television production in Hollywood, how did that come about?  "A producer from a show I recently worked on called and needed a group of bikers, so I put together the deal. I've worked in the entertainment Industry all my life, so once in a while I get calls like that".

Have you ever met Jesse James from West Coast Choppers?
"I have, I met Jesse while announcing at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, he's a cool dude, very talented. Jesse makes the kind of motorcycles I like, bad ass bikes with attitude!  No doubt about it, Jesse & the boys down at West Coast Choppers are at the top of their game."  Have you ever ridden with Jesse? "You know, quite few people have asked me that, but no I haven't ridden with Jesse yet. Years ago, Jesse and I worked at the same race track (Ascot Park) in Gardena California, but we didn't know each other, he worked security and I did the  announcing".

Jesse James & Ike Clanton - 2003


Are you planning a ride from southern California to Tombstone Arizona?
"Yeah, it's gonna happen but a date has not been set. We've recently been contacted by a couple different television producers who have showed some interest in making a television show out of this ride. Nothing is set in stone yet, so I'm still entertaining everyone's ideas." That leads me to the final question...

How's the web site doing?
"Great, and I thank everyone for their continued support. The numbers continue to amaze me" Ike

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Ike's notorious Clanton family history and more...

Switch Gears?

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