Laughlin Run
Laughlin, Nevada April 20-24, 2005

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The ride to Laughlin is always eventful....

Ike rode his 01 Harley Davidson Heritage.  His detachable saddle bags
came loose and detached themselves on the damn freeway!

Quote of the weekend...   "Now you won't have to take your
bags off when we get there, nobody's gonna steal a bag that looks
like that!"   Bad Ass George

Larry, Sully, Bad Ass George and Bob at a bar
just outside of Twenty Nine Palms.

Lots of bikes filled the Laughlin hotel parking lots

Cruisin' Casino Drive is non-stop all weekend

At 80 MPH this becomes a Strip Club On Wheels!

Old school

Interesting big twin concept

The Party Zone out in front of the Edgewater Hotel
provided free live music

Old school

Got Traction?

One of Jesse Rooke's new bikes.

Matt Hotch continues to build sick rides

Page Two... Girls, Girls, Girls!

Switch Gears?

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