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Hey, we're giving away Boot Hill Choppers Apparel for just stopping by and
checking out the web site on a regular basis!

We're randomly going to post names and/or photos of people within the
BoothillChoppers.com web site. If your name or photo appears with a date and the
word "Winner" following it, you have 3 days from the date posted to email us at
info@boothillchoppers.com to claim your prize! Good Luck!

To qualify:
Send an email to us and on the subject line include "GIVEAWAY"
(only one entry per person will be accepted).
All entrants must include a full name, complete mailing address,
birth date and email address. A jpg. photo of yourself is optional, but
your odds are better if you email us one, just a hint!

Please note: We are NOT going to sell your mailing
address to anyone, we hate junk mail too!

Enter your information and/or jpg. photo -  e

Start watching for your name and/or photo to appear on
the Boot Hill Choppers pages!

**Void where prohibited**

**Offer Good in the US Only**

Giveaway Winners:

Keep watching for your name to appear!

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