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On Location Photos
"Golden Years"
An Emmy award winning Norwegian Television show
Gyldne Tider is the name of the TV series, or Golden Years translated
into English.   Hosted by  Øyvind

Boot Hill Chopper Riders ready to ride to the television
shoot near Hollywood

Franklin Canyon - It's crazy story time as the group
waits to start filming.

The stories are true...
don't mess with George!

 Ike Clanton rode a sick Texas Chopper

Filming begins as the riders pass three guys
running up the hill in red sweatshirts



Break time.

More Filming...

It's a wrap!

Audio Ingar
Camera  Steinar
Director of Photography  Ole
Production Mngr.  Gusty

Thanks to every involved in this television shoot,
the Boot Hill Chopper Riders had a great time!

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