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If youíve built your own chopper, hot rod, low rider or Volkswagen, youíll probably cracked up as I did when I opened Billy Lanes new autobiography to find color copies of a bunch of fixing tickets Billy has acquired along his wild road of success.

I read the book in one evening and enjoyed it.  The color photographs by Michael Lichter are worth the price of the book by themselves, but Billyís personal text really brings the book to life.

I enjoy reading books and autobiographies written by people that say it like it is, not sugar coat themselves. Billyís book is candid and well written. He seems so honest and humble with his personal life that some of it had to be really painful to write, especially knowing that some of the people he was writing about were going to read his book.  My hat is off to you dude, well done.

The chapter on Choppers and the Female Body was very entertaining.  Iíve never associated motorcycles with the likeness of the female body, but after reading this chapter, I found Billyís descriptions and likeness right on.

Billy explains how Choppers Inc. started in his Dads garage with nothing but an idea in his head, borrowed tools and a 1950 Panhead.  Incorporating his business is explained, hiring employs and building custom choppers. Billy also writes on the history behind his hubless bikes.

Towards the middle of the book Billy begins writing about the people in the motorcycle industry that have influenced him along the way.

Chapter Four is titled Babes, Beer Drinkers, and Hell Raisers. This is where Billy guts up and explains his personal life in detail, girlfriends, breakups, his reputation, and the death of his good friend George.  Billy also writes an interesting piece on loneliness and isolation that has come with his success.

In the end Billy writes about a Biker Build Off and how cool all the TV stuff is, but explains it's still all about building cool choppers and riding them.

Billyís book was printed and ready for release when his friend Indian Larry was killed during a motorcycle stunt show, otherwise Iím sure Billy would have had some type of memorial for Larry.

Iíve never met Billy Lane, but after reading his book Iím looking forward to having a shot of Jack Daniels with him someday.

This is NOT a paid advertisement, just my opinion, buy the book, you'll enjoy it.

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